Faux Woodgrain

Arteriors has perfected the art of faux bois to either remedy issues with architectural finishes or create surface designs that beautify and inspire.

Faux Barnwood, Driftwood, Mahogany, or matching existing wood finishes, this traditional faux finish is an important tool in executing the designer's vision.

Woodgrain Project Gallery:

1. Faux Barn Woodgrain Reclaimed Wood Painted Ceiling

A flawed drywall ceiling becomes a barn interior with our painting of faux reclaimed wood planks. 

The Hopewell Bar and Kitchen, Brighton, Massachusetts


Faux Woodgrain Paneled Walls Restoration

Careful painting of upper sections of the paneled walls to match undamaged portions included faux wood graining. Our work restored the room to it's seamless perfection.

Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, APC Services


Faux Mahogany Woodgrain Finish Fireplace Surround

After decades and layers of white paint, this massive fireplace in historic brownstone was faux wood grained to return its appearance to mahogany. 

Leslie Saul & Assoc.

Custom Faux Woodgrain Fool the Eye Driftwood Wall Finish

Our faux driftwood is an homage to the foyer in this sa

lt sprayed ocean-front summer residence. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

 Custom Faux Mahogany Woodgrain DIning Room Door Paint Finish

Faux Mahogany sliding doors create elegance to residential dining room. Our expert technique is based on icon painting and adds a golden glow.

Faux Pine Woodgrain Historic Home Bedroom Walls

Many homes from the 18th century were often-times painted with faux wood grain. Our faux pine finish is carefully executed to be historically correct for existing paneling in Antique Colonial Home


Faux Blond Oak Woodgrain Church Beams Custom Paint Finish

White Oak Faux Wood Grain, Milestone Church, Wellesley, MA

 Faux Cerused Oak Woodgrain Paint Finish

Cerused Oak Faux Woodgrain on Masterbath Doors

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