Houses of Worship and Learning

Many churches, synagogues, mosques and schools are architectural and design masterpieces, where beautiful interiors are meant to inspire..
 Decorative Arts are celebrated in the interiors of spiritual and learning institutions. Our artwork and artisanal finishes have been integral parts of restorations on historic buildings, as well as newer projects. Your design and construction work can count on us to complete projects with perfect recreations of existing finishes and the application of contemporary architectural finishes and mural arts.
Houses of Worship and Learning Project Gallery:


Wood Grain on Panels to Match Original Woodwork, Phillips Academy,

Andover, MA, APC Services

Gold Leaf Dome, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT


Rag-Roll Wall Finish, Stella Maris Beverly, MA


Faux Marble Columns, St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church,

APC Services

Faux Marble Columns, Somerville, MA


White Oak Faux Wood Grain

Milestone Church, Wellesley, MA

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