Summer Greens for Interiors: One Thousand Flowers, One Great Wall Finish and Two Murals

December 07, 2020

Summer Greens for Interiors: One Thousand Flowers, One Great Wall Finish and Two Murals
Written July 16, 2020
Summer Greens for Interiors:
One Thousand Flowers, One Great Wall Finish and Two Murals
In the midst of a pandemic find joy in the greens of summer.
Our botanical above is an homage to Mille Fleur (Thousand Flowers) tapestry techniques invented in the 15th Century. Renaissance tapestry weavers carefully designed multiple botanically detailed plants and flowers which were woven into the foreground and background of wall hangings like The Triumph of Death (1510–20), seen below.
Our One Thousand Flowers wall finish is a celebration of lush greens, including chrome green, lime, Pthalo-green and moss green. Note the metallic sheen in the background and the striated glass bead top coat which is meant to further relate to the woven Renaissance tapestries, as well as add an element of “gilding the lily”. This wall design is one of four created for  Golden Paintworks Limited Edition Summer Collection 2020. Detailed instructions are downloadable for free through
Our unique floral adhesive stencil in in a repeat pattern and can be ordered by contacting us at 508-655-1942 or

We are so tickled and honored to be featured as one of the decorative art companies to collaborate with Golden Paintworks. You can see our other three surface designs on our Instagram page and on our Golden Paintworks Finish Tutorials page on Pinterest.

Verdant green is the foundation of this refreshing master bath. This is a great finish for a crisp and clean appearance. Pair vibrant greens with crisp whites to create a delicious pop of color. We have created an iridescent look using custom mixed greens and applying a dragged, bronzy-gold top coat. Year round this home spa will have a botanically fresh vibe.

The green hues of Oak trees combined with the image of a favorite coast line is the next best thing to actually walking barefoot along the sea shore.

We went beyond the typical beach scene with blue sky and puffy white clouds and depicted this local favorite as it appears at the end of the day when the water reflects multiple greens, blues and pinks from the late afternoon sky. This West Beach  mural resides at Dal Mare Restaurant in Beverly Farms,MA.

Is there anything sweeter than a matcha-green garden mural?  We think not.  Summer greens can be incorporated for year round serenity.  Perennial sightings of parrots, roses and butterflies is the backdrop for our client’s music salon/living room.

Our mural painting is another homage to a decorative arts genre with a rich history. Visit any art museum and peruse 18th – 19th decorative arts displays and you can’t miss the multiple ways that the China trade influenced European and American design. Chinoiserie, meaning “Chinese Style”, includes ceramics, furniture, textiles and wall coverings. Toile fabric, willow design porcelain and hand-painted wall-paper were manufactured much of the time in Europe to depict Asian motifs. This mural painting is a tribute to this style and was pure joy to paint.